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How Can I Use the Kicksite API to Customize a Lead Capture Form?

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Kicksite’s Lead Capture Forms and Landing Pages offer you simple ways to collect information from leads. But what if you want to further customize the look of the Lead Capture Form or Landing Page? Or what if you want to map custom fields to the prospect profile? Kicksite enables you to do just that!

Note: This article delves into Kicksite’s API, and so it is intended to help web developers or website managers to create custom fields and map them to fields within Kicksite’s prospect profile. Also, before you get started, make sure you have a Lead Capture form already made. (Click the link to find out how to create a Lead Capture Form.)


To map custom fields to a Lead Capture Form:

1. From the Dashboard, click BizBuilders and then click Lead Capture Forms.

2. On the form you wish to customize, click the Preview icon.

3. Copy the access token within the URL. The access token is the text and numbers that come after the final slash.

In the above image, the access token is:

4. Open Kicksite’s API documentation at!/schools/getV1SchoolsSchoolIdBizbuilderFormsId and scroll down to the Return a Specific Lead Capture Form by ID section.

5. Fill out the parameters on the form as follows:

A. In the Authorization and ID fields, paste the access token you copied in Step 3.
B. In the School_ID field, type the school’s unique Kicksite ID. (To find the school’s ID number, log into your Kicksite account. Click the username in the upper-right corner and select Settings. The school’s ID number appears below the school logo, beside School Number.)

6. Click the Try It Out button to get the JSON for that specific form.

7. From the JSON in the Response Body, document the Key-Value pairs.

8. Create an HTML form using the Key-Value pairs and following parameters (see image below).

9. Open Kicksite’s API documentation at!/schools/postV1SchoolsSchoolIdBizbuilderFormsAccessTokenSubmissions and scroll down to the Create Lead Capture Form Submission section.

10. Fill out the parameters on the form as follows:

A. In the Authorization and Access Token fields, paste the access token copied in Step 3.

B. In the School_ID field, enter the school’s unique Kicksite ID. (See Step 5 above.)

C. In the Payload field, paste the key/value pairs from the keys given in the Previous Response body (Step 7). The values are the fields entered into your custom form.

11. Click the Try It Out! button to get test submission completion.

The Response body will address any issues with an error message.

Remember: Both the curl and request URL contain variables based on your Kicksite Account and BizBuilder Lead Capture Form.

A full curl request example, that you can scroll through, is listed here:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJkYXRhIjoibGNmXzYwIn0.a00zg0qxNs0G89h-nFZdJq2gYs00i3VN-OabSh7E98s' ' KICKSITE NUMBER/bizbuilder/forms/SCHOOL ACCESS TOKEN''