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Classic Dashboard

April 16, 2019

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This is where school owners will have an overview of their student activity

  • This screen shows information including:
    • Absences
    • Expiring/expired memberships
    • Prospects
    • Past due invoices
    • School vitals
    • Recent student activity

How to export Absent list to Excel

  1. Each student name under Absent list is a link that accesses the student information.
  2. Click on Export to Excel in the red section of the Absent List.
  3. The exported file will open in Excel and will be categorized with the following:
    • Section
    • Name
    • Last Class
    • Days Absent
    • Last Comment
    • Notifications

4. Filter alphabetically by clicking on the Data tab.

5. Click on the “AZ” sort & filter button.

Expired/Expiring Membership

  • Each student that has a membership that will be expiring or is expired will be reflected on the Dashboard.
  • This is a quick way to keep track of student Memberships. The student name, membership type, notifications, and days until expiration or days expired are shown.
  1. To find out more information specific to a student, click on the student name.

Past Due Invoices

  • The invoice ID is a link to view the invoice.
  • From the invoice, the student’s payment can be:
    • Processed
    • Printed
    • Emailed
    • Edited
    • Deleted from the system
  • The Payment icons will allow you to pay the Invoice with the preferred payment on file or record a payment made.

Dashboard Secondary

  • There are additional tracking sections including:
    • Upcoming Birthdays
    • Frozen Students

To customize your Dashboard

  1. Hover over Settings and click on Dashboard.

School Vitals

  • Green: New students in your school during that month.
  • Orange: All Active students in your school.
  • Red: Lost students in your school during that month.
  • Blue: Growth percentage of your school during that month.

1. To view detailed reports, click on View details shown in blue text.

*List of Active students from the detailed vitals.

Recent Activity

  • This is a brief overview of all of the activity in your school including:
    • Communications
    • Billing
    • Memberships
    • Leads
    • Comments

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