Creating Vault Labels

April 17, 2019

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Vault Item is credit card or checking account information that has been saved in Kicksite to be used for billing or purchasing purposes. One thing that Kicksite allows you to do is to add multiple vault items to a student’s profile, giving both you and the student the ability to choose which card to use when making a transaction. The question is “Which card should I use?!” Labeling your vault items lets you know what each card or account can or should be used for.

As an example, Jimmy wants to purchase some new gear for an upcoming tournament. He has two vault items on file and you need to know which one to use for this transaction. If you have labeled Jimmy’s vault items, you will know that Card#1 is Mom’s credit card used for tuition and testing only, while Card #2 is Grandma’s checking account that is for proshop purchases.

How to Add a Vault Label to a New Vault Item

  1. Click on your Billing tab.
  2. Hover over the Vault menu and click New Vault Item.
  3. Type in the student or family name in the Student, Prospect, or Family field and select it from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter in the card information into the fields in the Credit Card section.
  5. Type in the Vault Label field for this card.
  6. Click the Add Vault Item button.

How to Add/Edit a Label for an Existing Vault Item

  1. Click on your Billing tab.
  2. Hover over the Vault menu and click Vaults List.
  3. Find the existing Vault Item that you would like to update and select Edit (on the right side of the page).
  4. Make sure that the check box for Keep Credit Card Details is checked. This will allow you to edit the label without the need to re-enter the credit card information. When the check box is checked, you will see that the vault details are locked, hidden, and cannot be adjusted.
  5. Type in the new label in the Vault Label field.
  6. Click the Update Vault Item button.

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