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Creating a New Program


A program is a way to group students together who are using the same belt ranks. Programs are useful for tracking attendance, current rank, and promotion history. As well, a program can help track attendance for a class that doesn’t have belt ranks (for example, a fitness or cardio kickboxing class).

Click the following link to watch the video about how to create a new program.

To add a new program:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Settings, and then click Program Settings. Alternatively, click the username at the top-right corner of the screen, and click Settings. On the right side, click Programs.​

2. In the Program Name text box, type in the name of the new program you want to create.

3. In the Ranks for Program drop-down list, you can choose from several options:

  • Copy Ranks from Program Name: If you have already created a program and you want to use the same ranks in the new program, choose this option.
  • N/A (This program doesn’t need ranks): This option is best if you have a program with no ranks needed (such as fitness).
  • Custom Ranks (This program will have a custom set of ranks): Select this option to create a new set of ranks.

4. Click Create Program to make the new program.


What’s next?

After you add a program, you need to create custom belt graphics for each of the ranks in the program.


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