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How to Create a Lead Capture Form (Classic)


Need a place for potential students to submit their information and learn more about your school and its offerings? Creating an online form called a Lead Capture form is the perfect tool, AND you can directly embed it into your website.

Click the following link to watch the video about how to create a Lead Capture form (Classic).


How to create a Lead Capture form:

1. From within Kicksite, click the BizBuilders tab.

2. Hover over Forms and click on New Form.

3. Begin by giving the new form a title in the Name field.

4. Type a description of what the form is intended for in the Description field.

    • Note: If the form will be embedded in your website, the name and description will be for internal use only.
    • If the form will be a Landing Page for sign-ups, the name and description will be visible by the prospect/contact.

5. Select a start date for this form to begin accepting submissions and an end date to set the final day for this form can accept submissions.

Note: These fields can be left blank to allow this form to always be available for sign-ups.

6. In the Store Submission As drop-down list, choose if this form will use the gathered information to create a new Contact or Prospect.

7. Click the Confirmation tab.

    • Select the check box at the top if you would like to send the admin an alert when a submission is added.
    • Choose where you would like to redirect the new sign-up:
      • Send them to a specific website.
      • Show them a customized message that you enter in the text field.

Select the check box if you would like to send the new sign-up a confirmation email.

8. To include a waiver with the form, click the Agreement tab and select the waiver from the Add an Agreement list.

9. Click Save to create the new form.

10. To see the new form, click the View Landing Page link.

If you would like to share a link to the landing page, copy the URL for the page. This URL can be pasted in an email or on social media for more visibility.

How to embed a contact form on your website:

Click Settings on the BizBuilder dashboard to view the HTML code. Your webmaster can add the code to your website. If you are working with a third-party web service, simply copy the HTML code, paste it into an email, and send it to your webmaster. Inform them that this is the code for your Kicksite Lead Capture form.

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