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How to Create a Drop-In Form

April 17, 2019

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Biz-builder gives you the ability to create a drop-in form for visiting athletes that want to train in your gym.


How to create a Drop-in Form:

1. Click on Biz-Builders


2. Hover over Forms and select New Form

3. Give a title of the drop-in form in the name field


4. Add a description to explain what drop-in packages you are offering

5. Select a start date for this form to begin accepting purchases and and end date to set the final day for this form to accept sign-ups

Note: These fields can be left blank to allow this form to always be available for drop-ins


6. From the Store Submission As list, choose if those who sign-up through this form will be considered a Contact or a Prospect.

7. Under the Profit Items tab, select the profit item from a list of your inventory list


8. After the item has been selected, fill in the name and price fields, and choose an option from the Payment Reason list


9. Click Add Another to add more options

10. Click the Payment tab to choose if you would like to require immediate payment


11. Create an invoice for the drop-in to be paid when they arrive

12. Click the Confirmation tab


13. Select the check box at the top of the tab if you would like the system to send you an email alerting you of the new sign-up


14. Choose where you would like to redirect the new sign-up:

  • send them to a specific website
  • redirect them to a simple landing page with a customized message


15. Select if you would like to send the new sign-up a confirmation email

16. Click the Agreement tab and select the waiver from the Add an Agreement list if you would like to add a wavier on the form

17.Click Save to create the new form


18. To see the new form, click the View Landing Page link

19. If you would like to share a link to the landing page, copy the URL for the page

  • This URL can be pasted in an email or on social media for more visibility

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