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Billing Settings


The Billing Settings page is where you can set your default sales tax, transaction notification emails, and whether you can accept credit cards or ACH payments.

Click the following link to watch the video about reviewing Billing Settings.


First Steps

First, you need to request billing before you can reach the Billing Settings page.


To go to the Billing Settings page:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Billing Finance, and then click Billing Settings. (Alternatively, click the Billing tab in the top-left corner of the screen, and then click Billing Settings on the top-right corner.)

2. Read over the billing settings and make any changes as needed:

  • If you want to accept credit cards, select the Accept Credit Card check box.
  • If you want to accept ACH, select the Accept Check box.
  • If you want students to receive emails, select the Send Transaction Receipt check box.
  • If you want students to receive a notification if the transaction fails, select the Send Transaction Failure Notice check box.
  • If you want to include taxes in recurring billing payments, select the Tax Recurring Billings check box, and enter the tax rate in the Recurring Billing Tax Rate field.

3. Click the Update Billing Settings button to save any changes.


What’s Next?

​If you haven’t already, send your students (and their parents) a Vault Item invitation so they can enter their payment information. Then you can set up recurring billing.