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How to Access the Billing Dashboard


Kicksite offers the ability to process credit and bank transactions to easily manage payments for clients.

Click the following link to watch the video about the Billing Dashboard.


First Steps

First, you need to request billing before you can reach the Billing Dashboard page.


To access your billing dashboard:

Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Billing Finance, and then click Billing Dashboard. Alternatively, from within Kicksite, click Billing in the top-left corner.

The billing dashboard is the first place to reference to find any indications of billing concerns or recurring billing completion history.

The billing dashboard has six sections:

  • Unpaid Students
  • Inactive Unpaid Recurring Billings
  • Soon to Expire
  • Recurring Billings Ending in 30 Days
  • Recurring Billings with No Vault Item
  • Completed Recurring Billings

On the billing dashboard, you can:

  • Click the student’s name to go to their profile page.
  • Click View to see the payment or recurring billing’s details.
  • Click Edit / Update Payment to change the card charged for that payment.
  • Click Edit to make a change to a recurring billing.
  • Click Export to Excel above a payment category to export the list of payments to a .csv file.


What’s Next?

​If you haven’t already, send your students (and their parents) a Vault Item invitation so they can enter their payment information. Then you can set up recurring billing.