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How to Edit Attendance Details


Attendance Details allows you to set attendance controls for your programs.

Click the following link to watch the video about how to edit Attendance Details.


First Steps

Create new programs and add ranks and custom belt graphics.


To update the Attendance Details:

1. In the left panel, click Quick Links, click Settings, and then click Attendance Details. From within Kicksite, there are two ways to access the Attendance Details:

    • By clicking Settings, then Attendance Details.
    • By clicking Attendance, then Attendance Details.

2. In the Minimums field, enter the minimum number of classes a student must attend (either per week or per month) to avoid showing as absent on the Attendance Report.

3. Select Monthly or Weekly from the Interval list to set the daily and weekly attendance limits.

4. Enter a maximum number of classes students can attend in the Daily and Weekly fields. (Minimums and limits can be individualized for each program you offer.)

5. After you have made all the necessary changes to your attendance minimums and limits, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Attendance Minimums

    • The number of classes per week or per month a student needs to have attended, so they are not considered absent.
    • After a student is marked as absent, they will show on your dashboard in the Absent tab of the Alerts widget.
    • If you would like to exclude a program from the Attendance Report, simply set the Attendance Minimum to 0 (zero).

Attendance Limits

    • How many times per day and per week a student can check-in for each program.
    • For no attendance limit for a program, enter 0 (zero) in the field.

In the example above:

    • Students can only check in once per day for this individual program.
    • Students can have a maximum number of 3 attendances per week for the program.
    • If the student is in multiple programs, reaching an attendance limit in one program does not affect their ability to check-in for their other programs.


What’s Next?

Make sure you have set up your memberships. Consider setting up Attendance Awards if you haven’t already, and start allowing students to use the Student Check-In screen.


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