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How to Archive a Prospect

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Archiving prospects is used when a prospect (a lead) is no longer being pursued

  • The more active prospects you have in your list, the longer it takes for them to load.
  • If you are sending a lot of emails to your prospects that are not interested in receiving in your emails, your likelihood of converting that prospect to a student will decrease.
  • Helps free up space on your active prospect list.


To archive a prospect:

  1. Hover over the Prospects tab and then click on Active Prospects. (Note: The following steps show the Classic view; click the following link to find out how to use bulk edit to archive prospects.)

2. On the right side of their box, click Archive.

​ 3. When you click this, a pop up box will ask you if you are sure, click OK.

After you click OK, the prospect will then be moved to the Archived Prospect list.


To view archived prospects:

Hover over the Prospects tab again and this time click Archived Prospects.

Notice that your Archived prospects are in gray boxes.