Appointments and Tasks

April 17, 2019

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This feature creates less work for you and your staff and helps to organize your schedule.


To edit a Staff Assigned, Trial Membership, Appointments, or Tasks

  1. Click the appropriate blue link
  2. A pop-up screen will enable an employee to make changes right from the Prospects page
  3. Under the example prospect Bob Smith, not that next to Appointments, the system will indicate if the appointments are Confirmed

The Appointments pop-up is shown below

  • In this pop-up, the date, description, assignment to personnel, and view-ability are set
  • This appointment will be shown on the appointments section once the appointment is set as well as tasks
  • An email notification will be sent to the Prospect as soon as an appointment is scheduled
  • The prospect will have the ability to confirm or decline the appointment immediately from the email

  • The section on the right summarizes the prospect appointment summary as well as tasks that have been assigned, such as follow up emails.
  • The Appointments and Tasks section of the screen will show details of upcoming appointments and tasks set for students.

To find all of the Appointments and Tasks in Kicksite

  1. Click on To Dos in the upper right corner menu
  2. Click either Tasks or Appointments

Exporting Appointments and Tasks to a personal calendar

  1. Click on To Dos in the upper right corner menu
  2. Click on either Tasks or Appointments
  3. Click the appropriate blue Export link next to Appointments or Tasks
  4. The link can be used in:
    • iCal
    • Outlook
    • Google

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