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Adding a Punch Card Membership


Kicksite makes it very easy to manage all of the memberships you offer. This includes both traditional memberships (with a start and end date) and punch-card memberships.

A punch-card membership is when you have a membership that is limited to a certain number of attendances. For example, if you offer a package for 10 private lessons, you can add a membership to the student to match the package.


How to add a punch card membership:

1. Search for the student’s name in the universal search bar in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click the correct student’s name to go to their student profile.

2. Click the Memberships tab. If you’re using the new Student Profile, click the Add New button. You will then go to the Classic Profile page with the Memberships tab selected.

3. Click on Add School Membership.

4. From the Membership drop-down list, choose the membership that you would like to add to the student.

5. Under Kind, select Attendance.

6. This membership will be attached to a specific program, so select the correct program in the Select Program drop-down list.

Each time the student checks in for the selected program, one attendance will be deducted from the punch-card membership.

7. Enter the number of attendances for this new membership in the Total Attendances field.

Note: This will determine how many attendances this membership will be active.

8. Click the Add School Membership button.