Adding a Agreement to a New Student

April 17, 2019

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When you are signing up a new student, it is best to take care of everything at once. This includes generating an agreement and having your new pupil agree to its terms. In Kicksite, you will have the option to add an agreement when you add them to the system as a new student.


To add an agreement for a New Student:


  1. Click the blue link that says Add Agreement- Optional.

2. This will bring you to a dropdown box, click the appropriate template that best suits the student.


3. You will also have the ability to override the agreement details where you can change the following:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Address on the agreement


4. Once you have selected the correct template and made any necessary overrides, click Edit/Preview Agreement. A preview of the agreement template will appear.

5. If you need to edit the form, you can click on the blue Edit Agreement button on the bottom right of the preview display.


6. When you have confirmed that the agreement is ready, click Save.


7. A new pop up will let you know that you have created a new agreement for this student and it will ask if you would like to send the unsigned copy to the student for them to sign.

  • Selecting yes will send them a link to allow them to view and sign the new agreement.
  • This link can be send via Email or SMS but you will also have the choice to:
    • Print a hard copy.
    • Upload it as a PDF.
    • Open it in a new window for them to sign while they are sitting with you.
  • Once they have added their signature, either through a physical signature or by checking the agreement box, the new signed copy will automatically be saved under their student profile.
  • Selecting no will keep the unsigned agreement in their profile where you can choose to send it at another time.

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