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Kicksite vs. 97Display

Why use 97Display for your martial arts website when Kicksite offers a more cohesive, all-in-one solution with transparent pricing and nearly 20 years of experience? Check out details below to see why Kicksite is the ideal 97Display alternative for your martial arts school or gym. Schedule a demo today to find out how Kicksite can help your business grow!

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All-In-One Solution

With Kicksite, you get software, payment processing and website services in a complete, all-in-one solution. 97Display lacks this depth, resulting in more accounts for you to manage and more inconvenience.

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With Kicksite's transparent pricing, you know what you'll pay: $199 per month, a $250 one-time setup fee, and your SSL security certificate is included. 97Display doesn't list their pricing online and their SSL certificate costs extra.

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With Kicksite, rest assured that the lead forms created for your website will seamlessly integrate with your Kicksite software. 97Display websites don't even support the embedding of Kicksite's latest lead forms.

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Lead Management

Kicksite website leads can be managed right from your Kicksite software, as part of your daily operations. 97Display's LeadCore app is a separate platform that isn't integrated with your software.

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Kicksite was built by martial artists, and has been dedicated to supporting martial artists for nearly 20 years. 97Display lacks this kind of industry focus, attempting to cater to dance, cheerleading, yoga, etc.

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#1 Alternative

Now that we've outlined all the reasons that Kicksite is the best 97Display alternative, let us show you just what we can do to help your school grow. Schedule a free demo with us to see for yourself!

Why business owners love Kicksite websites


We use both the software and website services! Both are extremely helpful to the growth in our business and allow us more time on the mats where we need to be! Most importantly, the customer service we have received is always amazing!


The Kicksite website is a definite benefit to our academy. Communications, posting testing results, promotions etc. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always available to get on a call and explain or help me find the answers to my questions, highly recommended.


The icing on the cake is their Website service that is fully integrated with the Kicksite software. It just makes everything so easy and the website looks amazing! I can change anything at any time on the website to keep it updated and it's super easy because they do it for me.